August 6, 2020

Complaints to real estate agents: How to improve the customer service of a real estate company with real examples

We warn you that the topic of today’s entry will raise blisters. We wanted to collect the most common real estate complaints among users, with an investigation into: “customer service of a real estate company”.

We have discovered discontent that we can categorize into several different types of demands, and we want to review the possible solutions with you, because in communication and customer service we can all improve.

The customer service of a real estate agency: forms is almost the only thing that should concern you

Imagine you had a million euros to give away. Unfortunately, you cannot give it to a relative, but you are obliged to deliver it to a perfect stranger. You knock on two doors. In the first one you receive a smiling individual who greets you politely and asks you what you want. In the second one, a malencarado looks at you in bad ways that you leave immediately.

Who will you give that million euros to?

We are often not aware of the extent of a bad response on social networks, on a  Skymarketing website , or the importance of not returning a call. And what is more serious, we forget that the ultimate recipients of our services do not need us.

Because, let’s face it, the services of a real estate company are offered to those who do not wish to invest time in advertising, teaching and processing a sale. But those who really buy houses are not always happy with the result.

It is true that many real estate companies fight to defend the interests of those who hire their services, but often the impacts of the company are also received by many other people. Today we want to focus on what are the most common real estate complaints from this indirect real estate clientele.

Complaints to real estate: Real examples and solutions to improve the customer service of a real estate

It is possible that your real estate is able to list countless satisfied customers, people who have sold or rented their homes quickly and efficiently. We do not doubt it. However, as we have already mentioned, the end users of our activity are also those who buy or rent properties and receive the impacts of the real estate customer service.

For the preparation of this article we have contacted these clients. You will be surprised to know that most of them complain about the same thing: poorly qualified real estate agents, who do not follow contacts or who do not get involved.

Do not panic! Surely many of these complaints to real estate do not affect the customer service of your agency, but it is good to know to avoid them.

Do not answer calls

Yes, we know that real estate agents have a busy schedule. But do they really have so much work that they can’t return calls? It is curious how among the professionals of the sector the habit of disregarding this part of the work has been established, when any independent professional knows that the correct management of the contacts depends on the commissions that feed him.

The solution to this problem:

Also, if the problem is lack of time, it will be a matter of organizing better. There are numerous productivity tools available to the real estate agent so that at least 2 hours a day can be devoted entirely to returning customer calls.

This is done by professionals like Leonardo Cromstedt , who told us a long time ago, how to organize the working day of a productive agent.

Finally, you can launch a customer service line for your real estate that collects all calls, centralizing contacts and easing the work of your agents.

Do not listen to the needs of real estate buyers

Typical. The agent does not currently have a property that fits the needs of the client, and offers something far removed from their interests, either by price, location or for any other reason.

And it’s logical, but shooting everything that moves is not an intelligent strategy.

Why? Because, like real estate agents, they don’t have time to lose, people don’t have it either.

Ultimately, real estate customer service is based on active listening, so we must learn to have both ears wide open.

The solution to this problem:

As a solution, we offer you the possibility of using a customer service program as used by University Town Islamabad, with which you can follow the contacts, although at that time you have nothing to offer them. In this way, a customer to whom we return a call to tell him that we have nothing that fits his profile, but that we will get back in touch with him, becomes a valuable asset. We have already done the hardest and most expensive job, which is to get your attention. Don’t let it get away!

Become obsessed with commissions

It is a very rough issue, and it remains to be seen whether it is fair or not, in the case of rent, that the tenant must bear the costs of managing the owner, because at no time has he given his consent on the contracting of the services of the real estate

We know that changing the customs of the market is not easy, but someone must take the first step. As you can see in the comments we have found in various forums, there is great discomfort in this regard.

In addition, you should know that in other European countries such as Belgium, the collection of such commissions on rent to future tenants is illegal.

Will the market regulate at European level one day?

The solution to this problem:

Negotiate. Just because it is the norm in the real estate market, we are not obliged to comply. We recommend that you always focus on the client, not only in the one who hires you, but also in the one who interacts with you collaterally, as in the case of the rental.

We understand that the law does not specify anything in this regard, and that real estate agents tend to retain owners with cost or impacting the commissions on the tenant, but that is legal, does not mean that it is acceptable.

High staff turnover

Do you remember that real estate agent who sold you the beach apartment? Today I am sure that he will no longer work in the same agency, because the market has a very high turnover of profiles. It will be because commercial training is quite homogeneous and often the one who is an agent today, yesterday worked as a commercial in another sector.

However, things have changed. As we have analyzed in the real estate blog on countless occasions, the training and the same concept of real estate agent is undergoing profound transformations.

Today, there is a new type of professional, better trained, with a more stable trajectory that seeks to be a real estate consultant over a “sell-of-everything-and-who-is”.

The solution to this problem:

Go through two fronts. If you are an agent, make sure you are well trained, frequently attending courses for real estate agents, which allow you to specialize in a specific area. And if you are a manager, make sure your people are very well trained. This way you will retain the talent that makes you great.

Real estate marketing experts know that capturing a customer is infinitely more expensive than getting it retained and that in the future, re-hire our services.

Not loyalty

It is another common mistake of the real estate customer service. Loyalty does not have to be an expensive and exclusive service, it goes through small details that any real estate agent can practice, such as:

  • If you have successfully completed a deal of house for sale in Islamabad and the direct customer is satisfied, it is common to make it known on social networks. What about the buyer or the tenant, why doesn’t anyone remember him?
  • Send a thank you note. By email to your customers, and by mail to new owners.
  • Take the opportunity to include in the database of your real estate those with whom you interact. Not with commercial “tricks” like the ones we have detected, but with your informed consent to receive news from the company.
  • Get new fans for social networks. It will not cost you anything to include in your communications the addresses of the profiles, and you will gain new followers to whom you are loyalty without a great effort.

Do not assume the errors

MPS told us how he had to hire a furniture repository for his belongings and accommodate his family at a relative’s house because the real estate agent in charge of selling the house did not take the precaution of making sure that the house was properly registered in the Registry of the Property.

So far something that could happen to anyone, we are human. But not offering the customer an alternative or a reduction in real estate fees is something we cannot understand.

Although the case of MPS is not directly related to real estate customer service, it is a detail that illustrates well how not to proceed in case of a management error.

The solution to this problem:

We all make mistakes, but learning to solve them by offering an alternative to the client and compensation (financial if necessary) is something that should always be present.

Do not comply with advertising

A publication in a medium, whether written or online, does not involve a contractual relationship in the case of advertising for real estate, but it is very bad taste to try to “fish” customers so crudely.

This is how lucia_byl tells it, that in a forum of opinions about brands, where he related his experience with a large real estate franchise. Where appropriate, the commercials that responded to your request to visit a property tried to coax it, in addition to informing you of variations in the data reflected in a commercial publication of the company.

The solution to this problem:

Do not try to fool anyone. Today, these types of tricks have short legs, because the internet collects opinions and complaints from millions of people. Many of them will not be justified, but they can affect your online reputation and cause serious damage to your real estate marketing work.

Don’t be clear about the conditions

As we have commented throughout this entry, we are not always aware that we work on two fronts, that of our client and the one that receives the impact of our management, whether a homebuyer or tenant.

That is why the complaint about the lack of clarity in real estate conditions is so common. There are many people we have found in real estate forums claiming to have suffered inconveniences in this regard.

We understand that a real estate is a business, but when all the parties involved have clear the rules of the game, everything is easier. There is nothing more frustrating than hearing a “You didn’t tell me that.”

The solution to this problem:

Make clear from the outset the conditions of the offer. If you play two (or three) bands, you may lose control of the situation. If your policy is to charge commission to the one who buys or rents, it is a very valid option, although many people may not like it. However, if you are going to charge commission to both, it may not be seen with good eyes, which will undoubtedly leave your reputation for the ground.

Not living up to the real estate franchise

The advantages for clients and owners of large real estate franchises like University Town Islamabad are clear: for those who associate with them, the experience and the means at hand, and for customers, the reputation of the brand.

The problem arises when a franchise is not up to the mark. This is the case of another of the complaints to real estate agents that we have detected, in this case of a client who has lived both in the United States and in Spain. His experience on both sides of the Atlantic has been uneven, to such an extent that he does not intend to repeat in our country.
The solution to this problem:

We must be aware that when we represent a brand, our ethical performance must be faultless, because the one that comes out scalding, may not come back anymore. There is a phenomenon of transfer to the brand that is very difficult to rectify.

We are aware that many of these complaints will have a contrary story, because personal relationships are like that. In addition, a person with a bad experience tends to be more active than those who have really been satisfied with our work.

However, if we keep these customer service errors in mind, we will surely try not to make them in the future.