August 6, 2020
Radon Testing

Efficient Radon Testing

Radon Testing

Radon Testing helps you to record the level of radon gas in your homes, schools, offices and hospitals. It is a poisonous gas. It affects many cells of the body. It is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas. Therefore, we cannot see it easily. We can determine the level of radon with the help of radon testing. You can also check the amount of radon gas if you are living in a house where radon gas is detected with different tests.

For radon testing, we offer two types of tests. Short-term test and long-term tests. In short, term tests, doors and windows are advised to close to record the level of radon gas in your ground. With the help of different short-term devices, we can check the amount of radon gas easily. It takes a week to record the radon level. For this purpose, the Electret ion compartment is used. It is the best kit for short term radon testing.

For long-term radon testing alpha track gauges are used. This radon testing kit helps the experts to determine the level of radon gas. If the level of radon gas is above4pCi/L then it can cause lung cancer. It can be fatal for human health. After testing, samples are sent to the lab to know the exact level of radon gas.

It is very important to install a radon mitigation system to reduce the level of radon gas. For this installation, drilling is a very important step because it takes time. It is the first step after the visual inspection of our team workers. Our workers provide you complete guidance about the location and cost of the radon mitigation system. After drilling, cleaning of the ground is also an important step. Drilling is done with the help of mechanical devices. Drilling bits are also used for this purpose.

After drilling, indoor piping installations are done. We provide you surety about the material of the piping assembly. The piping assembly provides a pathway for the flow of radon gas. The cleaning of piping assembly is also important otherwise, it can be blocked. Piping size depends on the inlet and outlet of the fan. Piping assembly is glued to prevent it from leakage.

After piping installation, the last step is the installation of the fan. Fan helps to remove the trapped air from the ground. A digital manometer is also attached from inlet to outlet of fan to record the amount of radon gas. The material of the fan is excellent in working and the speed of the fan is adjusted according to the requirement of radon gas. After the fan installation, the outdoor piping assembly is installed vertically upward for the flow of radon gas.


The cost of a radon mitigation system is about $1500-$2500. We provide our services to improve a healthy lifestyle. You can also avail of our services at any time. You can also tell us if you are facing any problem in the radon mitigation system and radon testing.