July 14, 2020

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GoDaddy Hosting Cost: Is It Good Price?

In regards to getting online, there are few bigger names than GoDaddy. The largest domain on earth,  gridhost mail can be a one-stop-shop for building, hosting, and marketing your website. Our study found that its website builder can help you get online the quickest. Its hosting was but it scored for attributes.For this article, we are going to be looking at the cost of GoDaddy’s hosting plans. Are they cheap? How can they compare to competitors? And ultimately, are they worth the cash?


Just how much does GoDaddy price?

GoDaddy offers 20 hosting programs, grouped across five different types of hosting: shared, WordPress, company, VPS, and dedicated. The most basic shared hosting plan starts at $2.99/month, while dedicated hosting plans can reach up to $179.99/month.

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To find out more about GoDaddy, visit our GoDaddy Review for the full lowdown on its functionality, features, customer support and more.


GoDaddy Hosting Plans



Additional GoDaddy Costs to Consider


GoDaddy Hosting Price: Conclusion




GoDaddy Hosting Plans

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Not sure which type of GoDaddy hosting you’re following? Here’s a Fast overview of who each type is Ideal for, and much more detail on the plans available for each:

Shared hosting — from $2.99/month.

WordPress hosting — from $4.99/month.

Business hosting — from $19.99/month. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is ideal for small, personal sites, or company sites with just a few pages. You get exactly what you pay for in the area of web hosting, and GoDaddy’s shared hosting is no exception. The fact you are constantly jostling with different websites for resources which makes it a no-go for sites that are bigger, although it’s very affordable.

Pricing Plan Features Include Price/month

Economy 24/7 support, 100GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, free business email, free domain $2.99

Deluxe Economy attributes, also unlimited websites, storage and subdomains $4.99

Ultimate Deluxe features, plus double the processing capacity and memory, a free SSL certificate (for a term), and also boundless databases $5.99

Maximum Ultimate attributes, plus double the processing power and memory, double the utmost website traffic, and also a free SSL certificate for the full term $12.99

All these are GoDaddy’s promotional prices for shared hosting. Regular prices begin at $7.99per month.

GoDaddy’s shared pricing plans range from $2.99per month to $12.99per month. Each program builds on the previous set of features, working up to the strongest’Maximum’ plan, which has four times the processing power and memory of the Deluxe and Economy plans (and an SSL certification for the complete term). It claims to support’multiple sites with videos and high-res photos’, but we suggest a VPS for websites that are such.

GoDaddy Shared Pricing

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Best shared hosting suppliers — where does GoDaddy rank? WordPress Hosting

Because you might have guessed, WordPress hosting is hosting that’s specially made for WordPress websites. WordPress websites will work fine but WordPress-specific hosting includes a few benefits, such as upgrades that are auto-installed.

Pricing plan For visitors up to (visitors/month) Amount of sites Storage Price/month

Basic 25,000 1 10GB $4.99

Ultimate 400,000 1-2 30 GB $9.99

Guru 5+ 800,000 5-50 50-200 GB $24.99

These are GoDaddy’s promotional rates for WordPress hosting. Regular costs start at $9.99/month.

As you can see, it’s easy to select the best hosting plan for your website (or sites) based solely on the amount of traffic you get each month. $4.99/month to get a site generating visits certainly sounds reasonable, but what exactly are you getting for your money?