July 14, 2020
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What is server colocation?

Colocation hosting; Exactly What it is and a Few aspects

Does your company use servers? That would not be weird!

However, there are unique ways to have servers, depending on the needs and possibilities of every corporation. Servers, dedicated servers, cloud… the size of businesses, among other problems, determines how to have servers to do a number of tasks. And one of utilizing servers of those ways is via what is known as server colocation.

server colocation

What’s colocation hosting?

Colocation hosting (also known as”home”) is a modality where companies or entities which require it lease a physical space in the facilities of a third party (usually Data Centres) where they locate their own servers.

What are the benefits of colocation hosting?

Colocation hosting is a sort of”intermediate point” between own servers found in the organization and the use of third party servers, therefore we try to make the most of both modalities.

On the 1 hand, ownership of these servers is maintained, which implies greater control over them and, if desirable, the prospect of configuring them will.

On the flip side, certain benefits are obtained correlated with the simple fact of finding the servers in spaces specially made for it.

Servers can be particularly delicate apparatus due to their criticality and it can be very expensive or inconvenient to get a business to keep them in a place that fulfills the proper conditions of safety, pipes, etc…

In these scenarios, finding servers in third party centers that have the necessary security and infrastructure maintenance may be a big benefit. At the exact same time, they usually have systems which control aspects like temperature or humidity.

Additionally, colocation hosting usually has other additional advantages. By way of example, bandwidth is higher and the machine is more stable.

What are the gaps between colocation hosting and the hosting that is dedicated hosting?

The principal difference is in the ownership of their servers and what it entails. To the company offering the service, meaning that will be liable for breakdowns, this also corresponds in the case of servers that are dedicated. On the flip side, in the case of colocation hosting, ownership is retained by the client and must assume that the repairs.

Although in every case it’ll be necessary to pay attention to the particular conditions supplied by the companies with which you need to deal with a colocation hosting, there are some common lines to take under account.

An important question will be to understand which are the certificates that the colocation hosting provider has. At the same time, it would be highly recommended to investigate what’s the reputation it enjoys, as well as to have clear promises offered in any way levels (technical, legal, economic, etc.).

You need to remember that what you’re renting isn’t simply a physical area, but also the usage of an infrastructure. This normally includes the source of electricity or the maintenance of a network, among other aspects that involve costs that are going to be included in the final bill. Don’t neglect to educate yourself about the price of each.


Also important, of course, will be aspects such as safety or the guarantee provided about the continuity of support, which will be key if they are servers which support critical services. In this sense, it can be a good idea to make a visit”in situ” to understand the physical place where the servers will be put along with the safety measures available to them.

Do not forget to also be certain to understand other key factors, such as data access security policies or scalability possibilities, in the event you need additional space.

Also, do not forget to pay attention to other elements. For instance, you will have to know the bandwidth and also what the IPs will be.

In short, before hiring a colocation hosting service remember to inform yourself thoroughly about all aspects necessary to ensure the survival and smooth performance of your servers. Understand how important they could be for your business!

And thus far we’ve understood some facets regarding colocation hosting that you may be interested in understanding. Do you need to know more?

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