August 6, 2020

The Real Estate Website Where Nobody Wants To Leave Your Data

Analyze your website from the point of view of your customers.

Every day I find another real estate website better designed and with better content than most; but I still find contact forms that do not incite to request more information. The contact tab is one of the worst designed tabs on websites. They do not generate credibility and sometimes their content seems that the agency is doing you a favor by putting a contact form.

It is a shame to find a well-built, informative and interesting real estate website and reach the “contact us” page to find that “it is scary” to leave your data . Which shows that the design, the aesthetic and colorfulness of the website is still given more importance, to offer the “wonderful properties” from the best possible angle and not giving importance to how a person searches for information online. About how you search online for a product that does not cost $ 200.

Let’s see if we find out. Either a real estate website builds confidence or the battle has been lost before starting to position itself online. Invest what you invest in online promotion. One of the rules of marketing in general is to facilitate the client to contact you, to encourage him to do so and when he contacts you to give him enough information to know him better.

| Design based on the behavior of your customers.

Before launching to design a real estate website, it is necessary to know what the search habits of potential clients are and how they tend to behave when they wish to request more information or contact a real estate agent directly. And this knowledge is reflected, especially on the “contact us” page. From the content you put on your society’s page as observed on page of Park View City you will receive more or less requests and from those you receive you will get more or less the typical request of: “… please, send me more information”.

What was the use of 2,376 visits to your real estate website last month, if you don’t know who has visited it and only 3 people have contacted you using the form? What’s more, do you have a form or a questionnaire on your “Contact us” page? What data do you ask for? Do you indicate your response time?

On a real estate website  if you do not get a minimum 10% of requests for information on all the visits that land on your website, you have a serious problem and it is very likely that you are throwing your money in online promotion. Any expert in online marketing would tell you the same as me: you have to know how to design the “Contact Us” page to get that: contacts.

The Real Estate Website with the Appropriate Contact Form.

Let’s see what you should do and should not do with your “Contact us” page to encourage your visitors to request more information.

1.- Include in this page the name of your real estate agency with all the complete data . Complete and clear postal data; including contact phone This creates credibility.

2.- Include in this page one or several email addresses of the type: name of the client@name of the Type emails: , do not generate credibility. Customers want to know that it is Alfredo or Rosa who will receive their message. Nor do they generate credibility in this context Gmail, Hotmail or emails even if a name is provided.

3.- Require the telephone as mandatory field. Nobody likes to give their phone to someone they don’t know. Well, let’s say that most people don’t feel comfortable giving a phone in this context. You can put a field for the phone, but do not demand, (the famous m *** artery) , that the potential client includes mandatory data. Remember that they have the money you want.

“Moreover, it has been shown that NOT requesting the telephone number on the contact page helps more customers contact you and many of them include their contact telephone number in the message. This creates more credibility and helps a lot when it comes to telephone contact at customer, so don’t try to invent the wheel in this regard. “

4.- Do you want to increase the number of requests for information on your real estate website by 100 ? Then prepare something valuable to give to the client if he asks for more information. A free report on an interesting topic is what works best in real estate. Type: “… leave us your information and we will also send you this free report that ….

5.- Include a note below the form that indicates to whom you wish to request more information that your data will not be shared with third parties or will be used to send other products or services.

6.- Including a map of the area so that your business location is known helps to generate more credibility.

7.-Do not make the mistake of wanting to attract customers in other countries and not include in your contact phone the code of your country and the code of your province. Logical? Do not make me laugh! At the moment I can point out more than 12  real estate websites, especially real estate developers, who are attracting customers in other countries and do not provide this data.

8.- A photograph of the real estate agent that will receive the request for more information, does wonders. Be handsome or be ugly, you need to put your picture here.

Include these 8 aspects in your “contact us” page and you will be surprised how many requests for information you receive from now on.

Don’t you have Google Analytics on your Real Estate Website? 

With the intention of getting a little scared into your body , (you will thank me tomorrow), visit Google Analytics and check the traffic generated by your real estate website last month. What do you not have Google Analytics installed on your website? Install it now! You need to know where your customers come from, how they enter your website, the average length of stay, what is the effect of your promotional campaigns … and more. What cannot be measured cannot be improved. You need this data.

With Google Analytics data compare traffic to your website with the requests for information you have received. If your contacts don’t reach 10% of the traffic in that month, it means you have a problem . If they do not reach 5% you have a problem. And if the figure is even lower, I recommend that you sit down, have a coffee and call your webmaster, because I see you downhill and without brakes .

If you do not have Google Analytics installed on your website it is not the end of the world, but almost. Call your webmaster today to install it. Without Google Analytics you don’t just go downhill and without brakes; you’re going to hit it for sure.

The objective of a real estate website is to generate requests for information and we saw extreme good results after applying all these strategies our Skymarketing website. Point. With Google Analytics you will greatly improve your online recruitment strategy and your requests.

We would appreciate you leaving us a comment on this article. Do you think the previous 8 recommendations make sense? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.