August 6, 2020

Worth of Technology in our life

As technology continues to grow and expand outwards and upwards, social media is continuing to grow with it. While social media has developed over the years, there have been both positives and negatives associated along with it. While the ease of reaching and interacting with people on all different sides of the world has seemingly increased, effective in-person communication and overall communication skills appeared to have decreased along with it.

My grandfather tells stories of how his childhood consisted of riding bikes to friend’s houses, playing a game of baseball in the streets, and doing homework on the kitchen table with a pencil and paper. A millennial may look back on these stories and first point out the tedious aspects of living life like this. Technology has simplified life in numerous different elements. Technology has made it possible to communicate with people across the globe through emails, chat sites, text messaging, and more. Through this faster way of communication, businesses have thrived, and jobs have been added to the workforce. Jobs have also been taken away through the lessened need for writing and sending mail, for example.

Through this ease of communication has come a lack of interpersonal communication skills. Technology has decreased the number of in-person interactions. People seem to stay in the basement on video games, interview over webcam, take classes online, earn degrees online, and work online from home. Through all of these changes, it would be expected that there would be a decrease in the ability to communicate in person. Being active in public speaking may decrease because of the advances in technology. People have less opportunity to learn how to communicate with others, which is still a coveted skill in society today. The power of being professional, explaining your wants, needs, and desires, and discussing different points of view in person, seems to be becoming a rarity throughout our nation today.

I know numerous people who have turned down interviews because they were in person. People take online classes for the sole purpose of not having to sit next to someone in class. It assures that they will not get called on and have to answer a question in front of everyone. It ensures that they will not have to stand in front of the class and risk embarrassing themselves in front of everyone. It provides the safety of public humiliation or the fear of going through the process of gaining a new experience that could help them throughout the rest of their life. It assures that they miss critical opportunities in developing their in-person communication skills that they will be required to have if they want to be successful in many aspects of the rest of their life.

Because there seem to be no decreases in the use of technology shortly, we might as well make the most out of the use of it as we currently can. There are multiple valid ways to use techniques to enhance communication and marketing around the world. Technology is so quickly standard that people often spend a significant portion of the day flipping through social media. If so many people have smartphones and can slide their phone up their screen to gain access, utilizing social media to its highest capacity can truly benefit different entities.

An up and coming artist can gain a crowd through mastering social media communication. By putting yourself out there and your business out there, it could result in a significant increase in sales and incomes for not only big corporations but the small privately-owned company as well. People can learn more about what is in their area, what is new, what is the trend, where the place to be on Friday night is, or where the closest coffee shop for Monday morning is. A millennial may have more success in reaching a higher number of consumers as opposed to the older generation who did not grow up with technology and are therefore not as comfortable with it. One of the businesses creating jobs all over the country is social media marketing companies. Because it is so crucial for so many companies to be successful in their social media marketing to keep their businesses up. People can hire social marketing and social media experts to give them the best fighting chance to be successful. Hiring an expert can increase the traffic to your sites. Their expertise can improve your outreach to the population, and you can put yourself out there on the interwebs to become better known and increase your chances of doubling, tripling, or even more, the income that you have been making.

While we have seen different scenarios for social media and social marketing to be one of the main reasons that businesses and individuals are so successful in their dreams. I always keep coming back to the adverse effects that it has had on our population. Technology has even had effects on my public interactions. I have social anxiety, so as technology increases and the need for face-to-face conversations decreases, my likelihood of gaining experience and courage to open speak drops along with it. I know that many youngsters are reaping the benefits and feeling the rebuffs of technology right now. I know that I will continue to push forward if there is no direct requirements or pressing issues for others in my generation to get out and practice their communication. There are fewer opportunities for them to be successful and grow within our society. Personal contact is a need that will always be present and a requirement that will still leave people victorious in their excursions throughout the “real world.” Whether technology is a detriment or a savior, it is a life long argument that may never be solved, and it will be interesting to see how the case progresses in the years to come.